“NEBAT” Medical Sheep Wool Waist Belt


WHEN AND WHY DO YOU NEED IT? This medical SHEEP wool elastic back warmer provides pain relief and quickens the recovery process. One of its functions is to prevent colds in the winter season, and it is perfect for wearing under clothes during winter activities. It also protects the wearer from draughts, and provides a micro massage effect.

It compresses and warms the back, which prevents radiculitis and neuritis, while also treating spinal degenerative dystrophy. Angora wool belt provides pain relief after surgeries or for numerous back issues. Its soft material makes it extremely comfortable, and it can be firmly fitted to your waist, which provides support for the spine.

FEATURES: It is adaptable to various body types and can be worn by both men and women. It is designed with the wearer in mind, which makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The material is soft and does not irritate the skin. The brace is virtually undetectable under clothes, which makes it even more convenient.



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